Master the Art of Candle Care with Our Expert Tips

Master the Art of Candle Care with Our Expert Tips

If you're a long-time candle lover, chances are you are well versed in the art of candle care. But not all of us are. Here are some steps to take when caring for your favorite fragrance candles.


1. First Burn

The first burn is always the best. You get home and make a beeline for your favorite lighter. You place your candle exactly where you can safely enjoy the aroma and you light it up!

After lighting your candle for the first time, it's important to allow the wax pool to reach the edge of the vessel. Why? To prevent tunneling. Although tunneling can be fixed with the proper tools, not everyone has a heat gun lying around (I would not recommend using a heat gun if you are not professionally educated and trained. It can be quite dangerous).

Tunneling can cause your wick to drown in future burns which could prematurely end the life of your candle.


2. Trim that wick

I can't explain how important it is for you to always trim your wick. It's the difference between smelling all the good smells and wondering if you've burned your dinner.

Ari's Glow Candles come pre-trimmed to the appropriate height so you don't have to stress about it the first time. Burning your candle after that will require you to trim or pinch off the charred wood piece before you light it again. Failing to do this will result in an excessive amount of soot and smoke. This is the reason why most people think that they didn't purchase a good candle. Chances are you did, but you have to do your part to keep that wick pruned.


3. Lights out!

When it's time for you to extinguish your flame, there is a proper way to do so. The most fancy way is to snuff it out with a special flame snuffer, like the ones they used in 1700's. Don't worry, you can purchase a cute candle care set as well with a lovely snuffer but not all of us have one.

Blowing a candle flame too hard can be dangerous since hot wax can go flying in all directions like on your favorite blouse or more importantly your body. The best way is to suffocate the flame but if you don't have a snuffer at your disposal, gently blow the flame away from your body until it goes out.


4. Waxy Clean

Have you ever attempted to sniff a candle and was quickly turned off by all the junk stuck in the wax? "Is that a dead fly orrrr?"

Clearing debris from your wax is extremely important and not just for aesthetic purposes. Ash and debris can effect the way your wax smells over time. After you have extinguished your flame, and allowed it to cool just enough, take a piece of paper towel or rolled up paper and fish out any ash and debris. Make sure there are no embers on the paper before disposing to prevent starting a fire or melting anything.

When you aren't using your candle, make sure to keep it covered with the lid or dust cover to prevent dust and other debris from settling in the wax.


5. Keep a Lid on it!

If your candle comes with a lid, (ours does :)), make sure you use it. This will definitely extend the fragrance life of your candle by preventing the oil from evaporating too much and causing your cold throw to be non-existent. We know you want to get those good smells going without lighting the candle, but when you are done, replace the lid to save some for later.


I hope you enjoyed reading some quick and easy tips on how to maintain your favorite candles. Email us at:, for any questions. If you have any blog ideas, let us know on our Social Media Platforms. We would LOVE to hear from you! Until next time!!

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